Vitality Wraps

The ultimate raw highly nutritious bread replacement. Dehydrated at low temperatures and made from fresh nutrient rich ingredients such as carrots, linseeds and avocado oil, this sugar-free low carb bread alternative is satisfying and promotes our healthy gut bacteria.

Our Vitality Wraps are the ultimate, highly nutritious bread replacement–full of fibre that supports optimum gut health. We make our wraps from fresh, nutrient-rich ingredients and then dehydrate them at low temperatures.


Delight in Our Sugar-Free, Low Carb Bread Alternative

These vegetable wraps are full of flavour and texture and are one of your “5-A-Day” options, where five portions of fruit and vegetables are recommended each day. Here are some of the flavours you can look forward to when shopping our collection:

  • Carrot and Cumin 4-pack. This pack of raw wraps contains wholesome ingredients such as local carrots, Ashburton linseeds, Tauranga avocado oil, Himalayan salt, and Indian cumin.
  • Carrot and Turmeric 4-pack. These wraps include ingredients sourced from New Zealand, pink rock salt with high mineral content, and Indian turmeric.
  • Dairy-Free Wrap Cheesy Onion 4-pack. This pack of raw vegan wraps is a delicious, dairy-free option with a cheesy onion flavour. In addition to the standard nutritious combination of carrots, linseeds, avocado oil, and Himalayan salt, we have added nutritional yeast and dried onion.
  • Banana with Acai 4-pack. These banana-flavoured gluten-free wraps are flexible, and you can roll, fold in half, leave open, or cut them into smaller bite sizes. We have made these wraps from whole foods, including bananas and coconut. They are fabulous with nut or seed butter, fresh banana, and a drizzle of syrup. You can also maximise flavour by pairing it with coconut yogurt and fresh fruit or cottage cheese and chia jam.


What Other Delicious Foods You Can Expect from Our Store

While we stock delicious snack balls that are ready to eat, you can also make your own tasty treats with our Bliss Ball mixes that produce 10 to 12 bite-size snacks or even make a cheesecake base or crumble topping. The Vanilla and Cacao mixes contain cashews, almonds, walnuts and protein powder and PBJ contains cashews, peanuts, freeze dried raspberry, protein powder and Himalayan salt. Look under the recipe bar for some sweet recipe ideas. .


Why Wholo Foods

 We are passionate about our craft, having researched natural, low sugar, low carb, plant-based ingredients. We make our foods to promote well-being while satisfying the taste buds. For example, our range includes gourmet popcorn with flavours such as cacao and coconut sugar, as well as sweet and salty.