Amazeballs NZ

Amazeballs are real food snack balls (bliss balls) made from mostly nuts rather than too much dried fruit such as dates. Some of our Amazeballs have no dried fruit in them making them low carb as well as minimising the sugars coming from fruit. Delicious, nutritious and convenient. Amazeballs are completely natural, dairy free, gluten free, raw and refined sugar free.

Amazeballs are our popular, real-food snack balls, also known as Bliss Balls. These delicious treats are mostly made from nuts, with low levels of dried fruit content, to ensure they remain a nutritious and low-carbohydrate snack. Amazeballs are entirely natural, dairy-free, gluten free and have low sugar content. Explore our range of Amazeballs flavours in NZ for a tasty, healthy, and memorable treat. Wholo Foods is the home of healthy foods for you to explore.

How to Buy Our Bliss Balls in NZ

Our gluten-free Bliss Balls in NZ are available for purchase in different forms. Whether you want to purchase samples, gift packs, or make them yourself, we are proud stockists of Amazeballs in various packaging options.

  • Sample packs: If you’re new to Bliss Balls and would like to try all our flavours, our Sampler Box is a great option for you. This box comes with eight twin packs, including all our Bliss Ball flavours.
  • Regular packaging: The most common way to buy Amazeballs is to get five twin packs of one flavour. Our flavour options are Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bliss, Coconut Rough, Mint Condition, Ginger Crunch, Orange Choc, Choc Cacao Crunch and the popular PBJ. You can view the nutritional information on our individual flavour product pages.
  • DIY mix: If you’re feeling adventurous, you can buy our DIY ball mix, which makes around ten to twelve balls. Our ball mixes include Vanilla Bliss, Cacao Crunch, and PBJ. Buying a mix gives you the freedom to make them the way you desire.
  • Gift hamper: If you’re buying a gift for an Amazeballs lover, this elegantly-wrapped box is the perfect present. Packaged with seven twin packs of different Bliss Ball flavours, your special someone will be over the moon with delight.

Wholo Foods ensures that you can eat delicious foods that are healthy, natural, and entirely plant-based. Explore our range of delicious products and purchase our Amazeballs today.