Healthy Popcorn

Organic GMO free Hawke's Bay popcorn, popped with organic coconut oil and flavoured using only the very best organic plant-based, unrefined ingredients such as coconut sugar, himalayan salt and gluten free brewer's yeast. 

At Wholo Foods, our healthy popcorn is fully organic – using organic NZ grown corn and flavoured with organic flavours and it’s also dairy free and gluten free for everyone to enjoy.


More About Our Organic Popcorn

To ensure we supply our clients with healthy popcorn, we strive to use the best organic ingredients and seasonings available. Here is what you should know about our product:

  • For those who enjoy something cheesy, our cheese-flavoured popcorn is seasoned with gluten free brewer’s yeast and Himalayan salt, which gives it a healthy dairy-free cheese flavour.
  • If you prefer your popcorn sweet yet salty, you may want to try our Sweet & Salty flavoured popcorn which is dusted with Himalayan salt and organic coconut sugar.
  • When you can’t decide on a specific flavour, we have put together a mixed pack of four different types of flavours to try out.